Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Plant growth and crop density


Sunflower seeds
Plot of soil 10m long and 50cm wide
Metre stick


Mark out 5 points in the centre of the width of the planting bed that are 2 m apart.
Around each point mark a 10 square centimetre box.
In the first box plant one sunflower seed, two in the second etc until there are five seeds in the last box.
Water in all the seeds and continue to water every couple days.
Ensure when choosing the planting direction that the plants in one box will not cast a shadow on the plants in another box as they grow.
Allow the plants to grow for one month and then record the height of each plant.
Where there is more than one plant in a box work out the average plant height.

Risk assessment

Ensure hands are washed after working with soil.