Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wind speed & electricity generation

This experiment will let you investigate how wind speed affects the amount of electricity produced by a wind turbine.


Fan attached to variable power supply (0-12V)
Motor/generator with fan blades attached
Voltmeter (0-5V analogue)
Connecting leads
Clamp & stand
Metre stick.


Place the fan on the desktop.
Mount the turbine using the clamp and stand so that the centre of it is in line with the centre of the fan ensuring that the blades can rotate freely.
Make sure that the fan blades and the turbine blades are 10cm apart.
Connect the turbine to the voltmeter.

Adjust the setting on the power supply up by 1V at a time until the turbine blades start to spin.
Record the reading on the voltmeter.
Continue to increase the setting on the power supply by 1V at a time and record the reading on the voltmeter.


Spinning fan blades can cause damage. Fingers should be kept clear as should long hair or any loose clothing. Ensure the clamp and stand is stable, if you need to mount the generator high on the stand then you may need a g clamp to secure it to the bench.