Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Catalyst effect on Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide naturally decomposes to release oxygen. The presence of a catalyst will increase the rate of decomposition. This experiment looks at how different catalysts affect the decomposition rate.


Conical Flask
Bung & delivery tube
Gas syringe
Measuring cylinder
Top pan balance
Hydrogen peroxide
A selection of catalysts e.g manganese oxide, lead oxide, liver


Measure out 100ml of hydrogen peroxide into the measuring cylinder  and pour into the conical flask.
The bung and delivery tube should be connected to the gas syringe.
Add 0.5g of the chosen catalyst to the conical flask, insert the bung and start the stopcock.
Time how long it takes for 20ml of gas to be produced.
Repeat three times for each catalyst.


Wear goggles when measuring out liquids. Wipe up any spills straight away. Ensure you work in the centre of the bench and that all glass ware is kept away from the edge. Use a dustpan and brush to clean up any breakages if they occur.