Friday, 22 May 2015

Time period of spring motion


2 x Clamp & stand
Datalogger & light gate
Sticky tape


Set up one clamp and stand to hold the spring with masses on.
Set up the second to hold the light gate of the datalogger.

Add a small (1cm width) paper flag to the masses using the tape to secure it, the flag should be positioned so it passes completely through the datalogger light gate.

Set the datalogger recording and pull the masses down and release. Use the datalogger output to find the time for 10 oscillations.

Add another mass onto the hanger and repeat - you will need to adjust the position of the light gate so it is in line with the rest position of the flag.


The spring and masses may become unstable, ensure the equipment is kept central on the bench and that the spring is firmly attached to the clamp. The masses should only be pulled down a couple centimetres to avoid the system becoming unstable as the masses will start to swing as well as bob.