Friday, 5 February 2016

Temperature and viscosity of oils


Water bath
Vegetable oil
Boiling tube
Measuring cylinder
Polystyrene cup with hole in bottom
Clamp stand
Bung to fit hole mounted on a rod


Heat 50ml of the oil to 50 degrees C in a boiling tube in the waterbath.
When warmed add to the polystyrene cup (with the bung in) held in the clamp and stand.
Remove the bung and start the stopclock.
Stop the stopclock when the oil has run through into the beaker.

Repeat twice more at this temperature, reheating the oil each time and ensuring you start with 50ml each time.

Repeat at 10 degree temperature intervals down to 20 degrees C.

You may wish to use an alternative method of letting the warm oil run from an object if there is other equipment you can use.


Do not heat above 50 degrees C to prevent the risk of burns. Ensure any spilled oil is cleared up as soon as possible to avoid slips and falls.