Friday, 5 February 2016

Temperature difference and cooling of water


4 cups of the same size (e.g drinks cups)
lids with small holes in centre
datalogger and 4 temperature probes or 4 thermometers
100ml measuring cylinder


Heat water in the kettle until near boiling.

Very carefully measure 100ml hot water and put into cup 1.
Use 80ml hot water and 20ml cold for cup 2, 60 / 40 for cup 3 and 40ml hot, 60ml cold for the final cup.

Add the lids and put the temperature probes through the holes. Thermometers could be used if you have no datalogger - in this case note the start temperature of each cup. Start the stopclock.

After 10 minutes pass stop the datalogger or record the temperature from the thermometers again.


Spilled water can cause falls if not cleared up swiftly. Hot water can cause scalds, great care should be taken when using hot water, and insulating gloves may need to be used if something is too hot to comfortably hold.